Our mission at Philipiak Milano is simple. We want to help people live healthier lives by helping them cook simple and delicious meals using whole foods. We believe that gathering around the table is a powerful way to connect with loved ones. We use the power of cooking to bring people back to the table, sparking conversation and deeper relationships with the people that matter most.



We help people press pause on life and take in the most important moments with easy, healthy, everyday cooking built for today's busy lifestyle. In addition to beautiful, durable cookware that lasts a lifetime, we also offer an extremely flexible income opportunity that allows you to earn extra money while making time for all of life's priorities.


Philipiak Milano 1967 has its roots in Milan, the center of art and culture in Italy. In 1947, the Garavaglia family began crafting beautiful cookware that was practically art itself. In 1967, demand was so high that the Garavaglias built a state of the art stainless steel cookware factory on the outskirts of Milan that allowed them to combine the art of beautiful cookware with modern production techniques. While the factory has been updated over time, our cookware is still produced in that very same factory in Milan with a fierce devotion to detail and craftsmanship that sets our cookware apart.


Today, our independent sales Ambassadors share Philipiak Milano cookware through tens of thousands of in-person presentations every year, and we are the undisputed leader in direct sales for exclusive cookware in the European market. To date, we have more than a quarter of a million satisfied and loyal customers. We are now excited to bring Philipiak Milano to customers throughout the United States!

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